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How Husband and Wife Who Are Private School Teachers Have Been Coping During This COVID-19 Pandemic.

Thrivewithola 06/26/2020

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It is no longer news that all schools in Nigeria have been underlock for some months now. 

Meanwhile, all private school teachers are one of the worst hit of this COVID-19 Pandemic, because they won't get laid for not working for the months they have been at home.

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In other words, School Proprietors and Proprietresses are not ready to foot any bills, since schools have not been operating and school fees payments aren't coming forth.

Frankly speaking, they cannot be blamed because nobody wishes to run businesses at loss, but they could just afford to provide palliatives to their staffs based on their financial capacity.

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However, it is quite disappointing that the Local, State and Federal Government are not helping matters. As they have failed gallantly to lift up to expectation by ensuring the livelihood of the citizens are in good shape.

In addition, as husband and wife being private school teachers, as well have not been receiving salaries for the past few months, because schools are not in operation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

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Hence, you need to understand that we have family to take care of and even ourselves. But how have we been coping during this LockDown?

In furtherance, myself and my wife have been able to adopt an online teaching for people who request or need such Services. By God's grace, we have been earning much more than our usual monthly salaries. 

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Other wisely, the global pandemic is just like a blessing to us. Though, we found it easy because we are both tech and ICT inclined, so it was not a big deal.

Perhaps, we took it to another level, by taking advantage of the experience and knowledge we have gathered during our National Youth Service Days on Digital and Coding Skills.

Then, we both decided to organize online training on Digital Marketing, Blogging and Coding for the general public using platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, WhatsApp and so on. 

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Though, after the two weeks training, we charge token to cater for some logistics. And it has really been profitable.

Our advice for other private school teachers out there, is to think of what they are best at and convert it to money.

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Top Comments
+234-806577**** · 06/27/2020
You have money to buy data and you said you were hit. You are not hit.
Hayteekay · 06/26/2020
I'm d one dis article is meant for, myself & hubby are private school teachers. We collected salary since March,we've been living on debts for food,we have two kids. Our rent got due in April,no food,no money,nothing. Govt should please look into dis matter & prover a quick lasting solution to it cos we are fed up. Kindly come to our aid,God bless everyone.
God'sHonour · 06/26/2020
Bottom line, private school teachers need to look for alternatives to get income.
BunmiAdeboye · 06/29/2020
Nice write up,Make money daily and become a share holder with as low as 5k.Ask me how.

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