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Opinion: Bride Price Should Abolished In Nigeria.

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The bride price is an amount of money or the number of goods a bride's family receives from the groom at a wedding. Bride prices have to first be charged in many parts of Nigeria, especially in the south-east.

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The decision to require a couple to wed in a church or other civil ceremonies is not deemed valid by the relatives of the bride if the bride's price is not paid.

Depending on the man's income, he and his family will enter into a written agreement with the family of the bride, where they will pay early or promise to pay their due within a certain time. Although Western white marriages are gaining momentum in Nigerian society, traditional marriages requiring bride price are still prevalent and intriguing. 

Popular feminists were an outspoken critic of the bride price arguing we should get rid of the entire idea of marriage capital, saying we don't sell or buy anybody. 

The bride price principle, that women are products for purchase and sale that have their origins in patriarchy. It is common for the husband in the practice of paying a bride price to believe that he now owns his wife by paying the price of the bride. It allows the wife to be considered a husband 's property for marital rape and domestic abuse.

Women are still expected to pay for their bride prices in rural areas in the case of divorce. Because most women have little income, they can not afford to divorce and are therefore stuck in unhealthy and dangerous circumstances. Nigerian women still appear to pay the price when it comes to cultural challenges.

However, the bride price is not only damaging to women. With rising unemployment and poverty, the majority of young men can not afford exorbitant payments, which could amount to more than N500,000 and different types of livestock, land, and servants. Many men are turning to loans or forms of debt to pay bribe price.

Nigeria has a wonderful ancient history that we honor in our words, feelings, and human connections every day. How do we not let go of those that are harming half of our society? 

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In my own opinion, I think the bribe price should be abolished in Nigeria.

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