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Throwback: Remembering The Day Manchester United Played A Match In Nigeria

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Manchester United is one of the many big club who have close ties with Nigeria. Real Madrid has an academy in Port Harcourt, Rivers State while Barcelona has it's famous academy in Lagos. An academy that has the likes of P-Square and Tu face children registered with them.

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However on the 27th of July 2008, English Premier League giants Manchester United defeated fellow Premier side and FA Cup winners Portsmouth FC 2-1 in a friendly on Sunday evening at the Abuja International Stadium in Nigeria while they were in their famous global tour. Nigerian football star, Kanu Nwankwo popularly known as Papilo was in the Blue jersey for Portsmouth. Manchester United just won the league and Portsmouth won the FA Cup so they teamed up in Abuja for a friendly match.

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The first goal came due to a defensive error from the FA cup winners and Tevez added the second before Jermaine Defeo pulled one back for the game to end up as 2-1 in favor of Manchester United.

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