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Leadership Crisis: Congratulations To Victor Giadom, The Acting Chairman Of APC (Details)

Bleedingpen 06/24/2020

Leadership Crisis: Congratulations To Victor Giadom, The Acting Chairman Of APC (Details)

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It's no news that the President Of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, has supported Victor Giadom's Claim to become the acting Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

According to reports, President Buhari has supported Giadom's stand on the current issues facing the country and also, he has supported Giadom's approach and agreed that the NEC meeting should be held tomorrow at the presidential Villa.

Also, all respective governors of the APC are expected to attend the meeting as well as the party officials. But it is not certain if oshiomole would be in attendance as the president has refused to recognize or say anything concerning his suspension.

However, tomorrow's NEC meeting would determine the next line of action to take and we hope that all party officials come together to put an end to the party crisis.

Tell us what you think will be the possible outcome of the meeting, do you think Giadom may be nominated as the party Chairman instead of an acting Chairman or do you think oshiomole will be called back to take over his position as National Chairman?

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Top Comments
chimaogunka · 06/25/2020
As for Oshomole, he is a forgotten story..I expect Chief Victor Gaidom to take over as the party chairman with immediate effect to be able to provide a quality leadership and to reposition party onto winning ways again. Chief Gaidom is a team player and I know he will carry other NWC members along in all matters and decisions of the party for the greater good of all. Long live, APC, Long live the federal republic of Nigeria.

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