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Wife of Bauchi State Governor, Distributes Sachet Water as Women Empowerment

muhammadurabiu17 06/26/2020

The Bauchi First Lady, Aisha Bala Muhammed Distributed Packs of Sachet water to young women as her Empowerment programme in the State.

We all know the Country is going through a rough phase at the moment but we hope everything will be Alright. We've seen Empowerment programmes like when women were gifted with sewing machines, Baking oven and so on. But what the Bauchi State Governor's wife did, we dont think that will even take those women anywhere.

Issues of rape are beginning to pile up in the country and the Governor's wife expect these women to hawk these Sachet water? Honestly it may even endanger their lives. Empowering women is a very good idea, but if you want to empower them, Give them what will benefit them and what will not endanger their lives.

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So what do you think of the Governor's wife Empowerment programme, will her Programme empower the Bauchi women or will it endanger their lives?

Pls drop your opinion in the Comments section

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MuhammaduRabiu · 06/26/2020
what will Sachet water do in the lives of those women

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