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If You Want Your Man To Stay, Take Note Of These.

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Do you Know you can actually keep your man in ten (10) different ways. To keep your man is actually the simplest thing you can ever do in a relationship. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

1. Be Expensive

This is one of the simplest way to keep your man in a relationship. When I say " Expensive" you can actually make use of this in many ways.

Men really love it when their woman is too expansive for any other man to afford. The way a lady drees can actually tell if she is expansive or not, the way you talk, your behaviour too can actually tells this, but the way you dress is actually the primary reason to tell if you are expensive or not. According to an adage which states " appearance shows the manner ", meaning that appearance can actually tells if a woman or a lady is expensive or not.

2. A Lady Must Be Trained.

Another way to keep your man in a relationship is actually when you possessed home training. As a lady you can actually shows this in different ways.

- Always be clean

- Be respectful

- Be well mannered

- Be time conscious and so on.

These can actually make your man loves you more and more.

3. Be Prayer

As a lady you must be prayerful. Prayer really helps alot to keep a man. when a man notice you are actually the key to his door of success, trust me he will never leave you.

4. Be Clean.

Cleanliness really helps you to keep your man, whether in a relationship, courtship or marriage. Trust me, all men like when their woman is clean and attractive.

5. Be Sexy.

Yeah! be sexy and don't mix it up, there's a difference between sexiness and cleanliness. When you are clean and you are not sexy, it might irritate him, and besides the two works together. Make your dressing looks so attractive, do not turn yourself to "Mummy G.O" all in the name of marriage or courtship. Put on skimpy dresses once in a while, always make him proud of you. Trust me this really keeps a man alot.

6. Be Classy.

Oh yes! you need to be classy when you really want to keep your man, that is you don't talk to everybody, especially man. You need to keep away from your old friends (Ex boyfriend), because it really hurt a man alot when he see you with another man ( your ex-lover). Classiness of a lady really keeps a man in a relationship.

7. Be a good cook

The question is , has your man ever told, and praised you that you are a chef ?

This really helps in keeping a man, a man love a lady who can cook perfectly. Not only that, but always be time conscious, as in cook for him at the right time. This actually makes a man to love you more and more.

8. Always Satisfy Him On Bed.

Yes how is your sex lifestyle ?

Doing the seven above listed point cannot actually help you, without making use of this point eight (8). You need to satisfy him, till he says I'm done, don't push him out.

A man doesn't like when a woman always complain of tiredness, no matter how tired you are , satisfy him on bed, cause it really works alot to keep a man in a marriage.

Also, be sexy, don't just be Mummy G.O, don't be shy on bed, always give him the best.

9. Be Intelligent

A man really loves an intelligent wife or girlfriend, that can really helps him in achieving his goals. When he knows you are intelligent, he will always love to share his plans with you, and makes him love you more.

Advise him rightly and help him to make his plans works out.

10. Be Hardworking.

This will be the last point. As a lady, you must be hardworking. You can also help your man financially. A man really hate a woman, who is always for money but can never work for it.

Don't be a burden for him, don't be a broke girlfriend and he will actually loves you more.

The above ten (10) listed point will actually helps you to keep your man and make him loves you more.

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