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Opinion: How you can sustain educational spirit in your children during this covid-19 period

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It is no longer a news that the measures taken by state governments to curtail the effects of Corona virus have actually affected the educational systems.

Majorly, the shutting down of schools has left students of all educational levels with no choice than to stay at home. With this, students stand the risk of becoming less concerned about their studies. It is therefore the duty of parents and guardians to develop some means that can help keep educational enthusiasm in their children.

Below are some of my suggested way to go about it. You could also be kind enough to make your suggestions by writing a comment.

1. Parents-children study timetable:

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With young children at home from school and their normal schedules disrupted, parents are encouraged to make schedules for children who would normally be in school. Even with online classes, parents need to help younger children navigate school on the computer. No parent should neglect his or her duty towards school children during this trying period.

2. Buy more of educational movies:

As a father or mother you expected to encourage your children not only to watch African Magic movies but also movies that are specially designed to help children learn at home.

3. Restrict them from to much play:

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We know that all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. But we also know that too much play can make the same Jack an unserious boy. So do not allow them to play all day because school is closed. Children should not flock the streets.

4. Buy more Books (Novels/poems/dramas). By this you engage them intellectually. You can ask them to summarize or explain what the books is all about.

5. Don't over use them to do manual labour. Some parents have been so happy to have their children at home. They engage their their children day and night in their businesses and farms. This is not too bad. But parents should also bear in mind that the children after much stress would not be able to attend to their studies.

5. Online study is another means to sustain educational spirit during this quarantine period.

Please do not just read. You can share your experience also with the comment box. You also help another to be aware of these little but effective ways.

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