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"Stay Away From Any Man who Wear This" - Girl Cries Out After Her Ordeal With A Demonic Ring

bolanlenews 06/29/2020

An Instagram user took to her Instagram official page to post pictures of a ring she claims that it posses some demonic powers. Following pictures the ring that was shared by this Instagram user she said that the main reason why she decided to bring it to Instagram is to help create awareness to some young ladies out there. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

NB: this picture is for illustration

The Instagram user further said that she has once experienced something demonic in the hands of a guy who was wearing a demonic ring. So that's why she is trying to alert other ladies out there to be extremely careful with the type of guy they hang around with. The Instagram user posted this picture and wrote on her page about her experience with a demonic ring.

The Instagram user wrote;

“ There is this guy dude who stays in my area, this young guy has been following me around for a while now and asking me to be his girlfriend, but I always turn him down because I don't like anything about him. Despite all my Warning the first day this guy persisted and couldn't stop disturbing me whenever I am walking on the street. One day I was rushing to go see my Best friend. Immediately I got prepared and left the house, just few stroll from my house I bumped into this same guy again, but this time around I wasn't having it with him at all. I squeezed my face and proceeded walking. Suddenly this guy hit me with his ring, immediately he did that I felt something unusual within myself. Shortly after he hit me with that ring, I wasn't feeling myself again, I couldn't even remember where I was. The only thing I could remember is when I woke up on his bed and was looking half naked, immediately I woke up I got scared and started shouting. He quickly used his hand to close my mouth and started saying that he is sorry that I should forgive him, I used because of fear and said yes to him. When I left his place I quickly rushed to the police station to assemble police which later arrested him".

This is a touching story. I can't explain how depressed that young lady would have been when she woke up in that guy's place. some guy can be so wicked and heartless. The first time you approached her she turned you down why didn't you leave her alone and look for another girl. There are different type of girls out there for God sake. To he honest, ladies need to be extremely careful with the type of men they go out with.

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VeraAchin · 06/30/2020
that is why before you go out of your house, pray against things like this very well, invite the Holy Spirit of GOD Almighty to always go out with you, and the blood of JESUS CHRIST to cover and protect you.

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