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The Funniest "Don't Leave Me" Challenge On The Internet

SadoRoy 06/29/2020

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Man A seats behind steering wheel, laughing hysterically at different Don't Leave Me Challenge.

Man B passes B, notice Man A laughing sarcastically. Walks over, leans behind Side Door.

"Bros, why you dey laugh like this na"

Man A, still laughing, "na this don't leave me challenge, I swear the thing too funny die"

"so na why you dey laugh like that? Oya, okay, give me one word of wisdom"

Man A, rubbing his hands together, obviously excited " okay OK, if Hacker still almost all the crypto currency in your wallet, does that leave you with a BIT COIN?"


"you know laugh?"

Man B looks around. Peeps back into car... "okay make I throw my own.

Raising up his arm,"

 "Wetin be this"

Na arm

He pulls the rubber band on his arm and ask, "and this"

"na rubber na"

"if I put two of them together, Wetin he go give me?"

"Arm Robber" banging his hands on the steering "don't leave me don't leave me" excitedly.

Man B pulls out a Gun, "Give me your car keys"

Man A, confused, "is that part of the challenge?"

Man B lands two star studded slaps on Man A's face

"get out of the car, you dey mad"

Man B rushes out of the car, kneels

"Abeg leave me, please leave me"

Man B enters intp the car, zooms off

Man A runs after the Car, "DON'T LEAVE ME, DON'T LEAVE ME"

light fades. 

Source: opera.com
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