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Infidelity or Truth, Episode 13

NilesKing 2d

Mrs Johnson welcomed her husband and son. She then show her husband the letter she found in Juliet's room. He collected it from her and read it. He said he doesn't know her whereabout. Jones collected it and read it. He didn't say anything. Mr Johnson told his wife that he has something he wants to tell her. Then she mum took her phone and showed her husband the video and asked if it was about it. He wasn't surprised, he bent his head, after a while he said he was sorry. 

Mrs Johnson then began to shout. 

She told her husband that the reason why he sent Juliet away was to cover his sins. Her husband said he has no excuse for anything and regrets whatever he has done, but he didn't send Juliet away. 

Zoey couldn't believe her ears, she was just watching the drama and confused. 

Jones interrupted his mother that he was the one who sent her away. His mother asked him whether he knew. He replied yes. He wanted to slap him but he shifted back. Jones said he does not want to come between them, that was the reason he didn't mention it. 

Mrs Johnson came closer to her husband and asked him how long he had been chatting on her a d how many partners he has. He was silent. She yelled at him to answer her. 

Zoey then yelled at her mother to stop shouting. Her mother turned with surprise on her face and asked her how dare she raise her voice. 

Zoey replied her that she's yelling at her father like she was any difference. Jones and his father were surprised. Zoey told her mum that she cheated on her husband too, she told her that she saw the ring in the car and some used condom leather. 

Her mother was quiet for a while. Jones sat on the floor and said "this one weak me".

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