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Latest News About Manchester United

[email protected] 06/25/2020

Latest News About Manchester United

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Manchester United are back to winning ways as they played their first Old Trafford match since the return of the English Premier League.

Coming from a disappointing one all draw with Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday, Manchester United put up an impressive performance in their second match at Old Trafford that saw them earning the victory convincingly against Sheffield United on Tuesday.

Manchester United thrashed Sheffield United by three goals to nil. With all three goals coming from the Frenchman Anthony Martial also, known as Martial Arts.

Marital Arts is the new Hatrick hero for Manchester United, as he scored all the goals himself to secure the victory for Manchester United over Sheffield United.

It has been a while since Manchester United had a player that scored a hatrick, since Robin Van Persie last did it for Manchester United about Seven Seasons ago.

Also this is Anthony Martial's first career hatrick in a competitive match. Of course he was so happy yesterday even when he was substituted in the second half, you can clearly see him smiling so many times.

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United are currently in fifth position in the table with 49 points, as the race for the top four is still in contention.

However, the draw against Jose Mourinho's Tottenham Hotspur dealt a huge blow on Manchester United as it paved the way for a new top four contender in the league.

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Wolverhampton wanderers have now emerged as the new contender for the top four in the league as they are behind Manchester United in sixth position with the same points as it stands now, which is 49 points.

Moreover, United are only leading wolves by goals which is not comfortable for United.

Wolves are in a very good form as it is right now, which means Manchester United have to win their remaining matches especially the match with Leicester City, as it will definitely be a decisive match for the top four spot.

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