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This WhatsApp Conversation Between A Girl and her Bestie Says A Lot About Relationships Nowadays

Barthiwu13 06/25/2020

Being in a relationship with someone is knowing that both of you are not the same and you come with different good an bad parts, but accepting the fact that you're together to be compatible and live together to compromise and coexist. But with the recent things going on in our days of how a girl will pick a guy who is playing the role of financial assistant while she has someone else who plays the role of moral support and tag the person "Bestie" makes a lot of people question if a relationship is even necessary again.

In this WhatsApp conversation, we will see that the girl was dating a guy because of his money, while she had her bestie who was comforting her. On the other hand, the guy has a girlfriend who is understanding and he can easily work around, but needs a bestie that is more of a slay queen that he can "chop work".

Then the question is "is a relationship then necessary?" Because it seems like nobody wants to be committed and contented with the person they're dating again. We all pick people for the satisfaction they're giving us financially, but cheating on them is on the top of the list.

1. Do we now support cheating? 2. Why do we make it hard for people to trust us? 3. Why must we cheat on someone we don't want to lose with someone we don't want to keep?

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HokageDylan · 06/25/2020
he completely ignored the pastor's message 😂😂
VickyMicheal · 06/25/2020
Yunglizzy · 06/25/2020
chaii Solomon family
+234-703044**** · 06/27/2020
he ignored pastors message

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