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Wednesday Night Prayers You Should Say Before Sleeping Tonight(24/06/2020)

SleeKhan 06/24/2020

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Heavenly father we say thank you for another wonderful day and counting us among the living to see the beautiful end of a glorious day in good and perfect health, for your protection over each and every one of us today God accept our gratitude in Jesus name.

Say amen to these powerful prayers before you sleep tonight

1. Oh Lord strengthen my soul this night so I can battle any evil forces that may attack me this night in Jesus name.

2. My God anywhere my life will be summoned for harmful spiritual purposes, God scatter their midst in Jesus name.

3. My God any evil arrow aimed at me and my family from the kingdom of darkness, Lord let it miss us in Jesus name.

4. Oh Lord show me the way I need to go to fulfill my dreams and destiny so I can be successful in Jesus name.

5. God open my eyes to your plans for me so I can know your will and the future You have secured for me in Jesus name.

6. Oh Lord I call upon you into my studies, work and business, God do wonders in all my endeavors in Jesus name.

7. My God as I sleep tonight brighten my morning if I wake up and I'll forever give thanks to your holy name in Jesus name.

8. Oh Lord I ask for forgiveness from all my iniquities, God show me mercy in Jesus name.

Stay blessed and faithful for in Jesus most powerful name we pray, amen!

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ChiomaIreogu · 06/24/2020
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good one
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