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Check out these unhealthy network marketing habits

Energonsp 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Network Marketing profession is not for everyone, to succeed as a network marketer you need to have or learn certain attributes and without them, succeeding will be difficult.

Certain characters are toxic in this profession and possessing anyone will most likely lead to you quitting the profession.

1. PRIDE: When you join network marketing, at the beginning "You must suffer a temporary loss of social esteem from ignorant people" - Eric Worre

The temporary loss of social esteem can be from spouse, children, family members, friends, colleagues, workers, neighbors, anybody at all; not because you made the wrong decision but because they don't see what you see. And you must accept this loss of social esteem if you want to succeed.

From the above, if you are proud or have a reputation to keep, do not join network marketing because though the loss of social esteem is temporary (mostly at the beginning), you will suffer it and for you to grow you must accept it.

2. IMPATIENCE: "Patience is a Virtue" so the saying goes. Some people want quick money; as they invest they want to earn big immediately. Others can't patiently grow a business.

Network marketing is a long term business where your earnings grow over time. The beginning is the hardest because you are building the business at that stage so it requires a great deal of hardwork, dedication, consistency and patience.

So if you are an impatient person and want to go into network marketing you need to learn how to be patient but if you cant, better invest in another business and not network marketing.

3. LAZINESS: As the saying goes "No food for a lazy man". This saying holds true especially in network marketing. If you are lazy about your network marketing business, it will give you lazy income or no income at all.

One key ingredient to succeed in network marketing is HARDWORK. Lazy people do not succeed in network marketing.

4. WHINERS/COMPLAINERS: 'The compensation plan is not fair to new comers'

'The prices of the products is why I can't sell or why customers do not buy from me'

The above set of people are whiners, they complain about everything, always fault finding for their own failures, blaming others, they never take responsibility for their own mistakes.

The same business they complain about is the same business others are succeeding in. If you are a whiner do not join network marketing because you will push away others who will benefit from it with your complains.

5. HOT TEMPERED: If you are easily angered and you want to join network marketing please first learn how to control your anger otherwise, you will quit quicker than you can sign up.

Network marketing is a people business, you will come across different type of persons with various characters so the tendency to get angry is quite high.

6. LIARS: Lieing is a detestable character which society frowns at. Liars will not succeed in network marketing because you need to build trust in your team if you want great results.

Who will trust a liar?

As a liar, will you trust another liar?

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