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Story time : the player episode 5

Eneadaalex 06/25/2020

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Episode 5(second to last) 

Selena couldn't believe her eyes, when she saw the pregnancy result Stephanie brought. Honey! three weeks pregnant? Tell me this is a joke, Selena asked Bob as tears dropped from her eyes, am as shock, and confuse as you, I don't understand any of this, Bob said to Selena. Stephanie is this some sort of joke or something, how did I get you pregnant? Are you sure the pregnancy is even mine, wait are you really pregnant? Bob asked Stephanie, stop it, you broke my heart, I didn't complain, do you think I will let my child grow without a father, Stephanie said to Bob crying, you remember we had sex day before I travelled, Stephanie said to Bob again, I know we did, but it can't be, you travelled for a week, so how comes you are already three weeks gone? Bob asked, we have been having sex for long, so it's possible I was already pregnant before I travelled, I just found out yesterday, she said. You are so full of surprises, am out of here, Selena said as she left the house, I will deal with you later, Bob said as he ran after Selena, but she was already gone. That night, he called Selena's phone number, but it was switched off. I need to do something fast, I don't believe Stephanie, she might just be messing with me, she has to repeat the test, Bob said to himself. 

The next day, he went to visit Selena, Baby please, I don't understand what Stephanie is saying, she can't be pregnant, he said to Selena, please go back to her, you might be the father of her child, she said, baby I will ask her to take another test, he said, and I want you come with me, he said to Selena, alright, she replied, but what if you are truly the father, Selena asked, Bob told a deep sigh, and held her hands, then I will take responsibility for the child alone, it won't stop me from loving you, he said, okay, she replied. Later, he called Stephanie, and told her he wanted to carry out another test, she agreed. That evening they went to carry out another test, and the result came out positive. Stephanie you have to abort this pregnancy, Bob told her, no I won't abort my child, and I won't let another woman takes the father of my child, Stephanie said looking at Selena, Bob I have to go now, Selena said crying as she left. 

The next day after work, Bob called Jason, let's meet there is a big problem, Bob said, and he ended the call. An hour later, they both arrived at the club, Bob narrated everything to Jason, it's a big problem oh, Jason said, don't you think I know that Bob replied, okay, when the pregnancy gets to three months, we can carry out DNA test on the pregnancy to be sure if indeed you are the father of the child, Jason suggested, that's a brilliant idea, I will tell Selena, and Stephanie, Bob said. What if stephanie manipulate the result, Bob asked, don't worry, I have a friend who is a doctor, he owns a hospital, I will take you to him, Jason said, thanks man, Bob replied as they shook hands. The next day, he told Stephanie his idea for DNA test, but she refused, I won't carry out any DNA test on my unborn child, Stephanie replied, that's mean you are lying about me being the father, Bob said, no am not, Bob can't you see its fate that is bringing us back together, that lady is not for you, she said, you must be out of your mind, he replied, and ended the call. 

That evening, he went to visit Selena, but she refused opening the door, baby please let me in he said. It took her two hours before she finally opened the door, baby you are crying, am so sorry for hurting you, for making you go through all this, Bob said, am sorry, I shouldn't have left you there with her, I was just upset, she said, it's OK, I have another idea, let's take her to carry out DNA test when the pregnancy gets to three months, he said, dear you love me, right? Selena asked as she held Bob's hands, yes I do, and nothing will ever change it, not even Stephanie, he said, then you don't have to carry out any DNA test, I will love the child, she said, thanks for your understanding, but we just have to be sure, he said, please, he pleaded, it's alright, when is she going to carry out the DNA test, Selena asked, That is the problem, she is refusing, Bob replied in disappointment, OK, let's wait for three months, then we can force her to carry out the test, Selena said. 

Three months later, Bob called Stephanie to remind her of the test, but she refused, are you scared, Bob asked, why should I be scared, she replied, then you must go for the DNA test, he said, on one condition, she said, what, he asked, I will choose the hospital I want, she said, no way, he replied, then am not going to carry out any DNA test, she replied, and ended the call. That evening, Bob, and Selena went out to meet Jason at the club. I called Stephanie, but she refused going, why? Jason said, she wants us to carry out the test in the hospital she chooses, Bob said, I sense fowl played here, Selena said, that's the exact thing am thinking, Jason replied, we just have to force her, Bob said. When they were done, they left. 

The pregnancy was already Four months, when Stephanie finally called Bob, I have agreed to carry out the DNA test, Stephanie said, really? Bob asked, yes, but on one condition, she said, what, he asked, If the child is yours I will live with you at your apartment, but if the child is not yours, I will leave your life, and never return, but you have to promise me you won't get me arrested, she said, he was surprised when he heard what she said, but because he was so confident the child will not be his own, he agreed, yes I agreed, he said, alright we will go in two days time, she said, and they ended the call. Three days later, Jason took them to the hospital, and their samples were collected by the lab scientist, come in three days time for the result, the lab scientist said, alright, Bob replied, and they left. 

Three days later, Bob, Selena, Stephanie, and Jason went to collect the result. When they arrived, they were all panicking, except for Stephanie. When they went to the doctor's office, the doctor showed them the result, here is the DNA results, he said, Bob became scared, and his palm became sweaty. The doctor took a deep sigh, and said the result is positive, Mist. Bob is the father to the child miss Stephanie is carrying, the doctor said............... 

   By Esther alex 

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