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Meet the La Liga Superstar Player that has Played Every Match for Club Since 2016

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Finding a player that consistently plays for club in the entire season is rare, not to talk of back-to-back from 2016 till date. Inaki Williams has done just that! View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

For the 26yr old Spanish international, playing for the Basque country leading clubside, Athletic Bilbao since 2012 has been a remarkable feat. This is because, as the son of illegal Spanish immigrants from Ghana, Iñaki Williams Arthuer was lucky to even stay in the European country not to even talk of playing for a top La Liga side. From his youth soccer days with local side, Pamplona, he was scouted for Bilbao academy side where he graduated to the senior side in 2014. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

By the time the 2019/20 season went on break in November, Iñaki had already notched up 133rd consistent appearances for Bilbao, obliterating the record previously held by club legend, Carmelo Cedrun who was the Club's all time highest record holder for consistent appearances with 132. After the resumption of La Liga in January through March before the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions, the young Ghanaian-Spaniard had increased his consistent appearance to 146. With the resumption of the league 2 weeks ago, and at the last match at Barcelona which Bilbao lost 1:0, Inaki has turned out for Bilbao 149 times. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

So in the remaining 7 games to wrap up the league, its expected the striker might even reach 156 consecutive appearances in the league. Already looking towards breaking the record of consecutive league appearances held by former Real Sociedad player Juan Antonio Larrañaga, with 202 consecutive appearances, Inaki's age and sheer power, puts him in a good stead to achieve the feat over time.

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And he notched some more appearances for his club by season end! 🔥

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