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Why Buhari does not want Asiwaju Tinubu to become the next President of Nigeria (Opinion)

MerryNews 06/29/2020

Let's no deceive ourselves Buhari is trying all he could to ensure Tinubu does not become the next president.

You should ask yourself why is the president doing this? He is doing this because he wants an Hausa man to contest as the vice president in the 2023 election. And as we know two Muslims can not be the president and the vice president at the same time. This is why they are frustrating Tinubu and Oshiomole.

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Tinubu time is gradually coming to an end. And he should by now plan to relevant else he will have be rendered useless when the time comes.

He should by now accept the fact that new leaders are emerging and forces are more forceful to platform of relevance. Before it is too late, he should find a honourable path for himself.

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The people he brought to power are now the one against him. I need not to mention names, we know them all.

The APC he paid much price to bring to power is the one that is designing his irrelevance through the sacking of all the appointees he provided. Successfully, all the people Tinubu put in federal appointment has all virtually been shown way out of the system. This is enough evidence to tell that his relevance within the inner caucus of the party is strongly challenged.

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Top Comments
OsagieUwangue · 06/29/2020
Buhari has almost completed his 2nd tenure .He knows the Good the Bad in politics .He knows those that can build this country, and those that can destroy the country He wants to be a true elderstate man .He doesn't want to put the future of this country in the hands of CRIMINALS.l have studied much about him and l think l understand him.'CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME'.
OluwoleColeman · 06/30/2020
would that be beneficial for nigerians if he get there, we want somebody else be he a Yoruba or an Igbo man with a good vision trustworthy and less self-centered who is ready to turn things around for good and benefits of all nigerians. I don't even want any set of this present dubious part full of propaganda to rule us anymore
GUEST_gX48kJvYP · 07/1/2020
it's not because of Muslim -Muslim tickets, it's because Tinubu is a big thief, and Buhari is well aware of his atrocities,, so he garnered his supports and dump him, that is the end of hypocrisy.
+234-806561**** · 06/30/2020
the Almighty God I'm worshiping can never allowed person like tinubu to rule Nigeria devil used tinubu to brought sufferings upon us God shall use righteous man to remove the yoke from us

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