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Why The Devil Request For Your Soul When Ever You Want Something From Him

Sajere 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The devil is very canning and wise. He knows very well that he is doom, but he needs a lot of people to go with him. When ever anybody wants something from him request for the person soul, so that he can capture that person and make the person join him in hell. He knows very well that once the blood of Jesus is only for the living, many people are not aware of this. So the devil uses this as an advantage to get more hell pattern.

Once you die without giving your live to Christ, there is nothing you can do again because once you die you become a spirit and loss the access of the blood of Jesus. That grace is not there again. That is why everybody must be careful, it is risky to be in sin because if anything happen to you, you are doom.

The devil after giving you what you need, he will capture your soul and kills you, so you won't repent. That is why you see those who do ritual money dies very young. The devil has no good plan for you. His only plan is to see you in hell with him, please if you haven't give your life to Christ, you better do now because if anything happen, you are doom. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The devil is not nice, he is evil as said in the bible ( the devil come not but to kill, steal and to destroy). You see the devil knows very well that once you die with sin you will join him. So he is doing anything to make anyone to join him. The wise the devil has no good intention for you, that is why you just have to be care. Repent now and be in the safe side because it is very risky to be in sin because if anything happen, you are doom. If I were you I will make my way right in God.

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Top Comments
GarryBowa · 06/30/2020
indeed the devil is a lair
AnthonyADDO-TEYE · 06/30/2020
great article and nice words of repentance.
AlexPAde · 07/11/2020
is a big lie,can a pot decide for d Porter no is not possible Satan can't overthrow of do any without the help of is creator Satan is not a single spirit is many in one,Satan is an instrument in d hand of d creator,it can come in different form or ways,no human that don't have his own Satan,try and defeat ur own in Jesus name
BarnettScolfield · 07/5/2020
You don't even the what the blood of Buses has represented in our life,, life is deeper, Jesus is king life and in spirit,, Gods redemption goes beyond the eternal world,, God's is greater than all mans knowledge,, even greater than all our thoughts from books and religion,, God is the greatest love,, don't fear death,,, there's mercy upon Zion...

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