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Is This Man Hungry or Displaying His Talent

Multisapce 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This image was pictured on social media a couple of days ago showing how this man grabbed varieties to take away food on his harm.Every one that is opportuned to view this picture will definitely have something to say.

Merely looking at this picture,you will start wondering if he is insane or he is just displaying his Talent.Am quite sure he wasn't competing with anybody on how many plate of food he can swallow at a go.If he is not,why will he carry so many plate of food as if he is having a wide celebration.

This nasty attitude has made me remember how two men where dragging a plate of rice in a wedding banquet last week.When I asked them why are they doing this they;they replied and said,”covid19 lockdown have really dealt with them”.They lamented they haven't eaten this kind of nourished food for the past two months or there about.

This image could be likened to someone who hasn't eaten a nourished meal for some days,little wonder why he decided to grab all he hasn't eaten all these while.It's laughable,horrific,disdainful and an insult to humanity.

I know you will have your own candid opinion regarding this voracious behaviour.Share with me and let me hear your side of story.

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