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What do we Stand to Lose by Attending Miracles Performing Church.

remirogba 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It is a known fact that being born an African comes with its own challenges. It comes with various challenges of having to struggle for everything good in life. Your struggle starts right from the day you are born into this country. Even if your parents are average citizens you still have to struggle hard for a good life and it becomes worse if they are poor.

You struggle to get a good education, struggle to graduate, and more struggle to get a job or even capitals to start up a business. It becomes a major problem if there are many things you have not been able to achieve, and age is no longer on your side. It becomes more difficult for a lady looking for a spouse to share her problems with and don't even have one. And you're close to 35 years and not married.

The most likely people to suspect may be enemies who did not want someone's progress in life and seek to ruin it or spiritual forces working against you. And looking around people younger are already married and have built their own houses. So seeking spiritual solutions becomes the next available option. And you can see people bearing testimonies of how a man of God was able to solve their financial problems, marital problem and barrenness in their lives with concrete evidence to show.

When faced with life challenges like these of course the best person to turn to is God. Believe me, God is the only person that can solve all spiritual problems even the ones caused by our own carelessness and the ones caused by evil forces. But yet we have to be careful where we go to look for spiritual help to our problems. To avoid being duped by fake pastors and prophets.

At times the answers to our prayers are wait for a little, yes, or even no. This means that God may have not forgotten to us, as we may want to think. There lots of fake pastors using the name of God to cheat on innocent people. So as you go about looking for spiritual solutions to your problems you have to be very careful. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Most of our problems are due to poor economic principles and the society we are born into than spiritual problems. So there is nothing wrong seeking a spiritual solution to our problems by going to a miracle performing Church. Only we have to be careful not to fall, victims of fake pastors.

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