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'The La Liga trophy is for Real Madrid' as Captain fantastic scores again

Kish-Baba2 06/24/2020

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Sergio Ramos, once again, scores as Real Madrid knocks two past Mallorca.

This is the 118th goal for the Los Blanco's captain in all competitions.

The captain has been on top form since the restart of the La liga season chipping in goals at important occasions.

Mallorca remain in the relegation zone and are now without a win in four games.

Madrid continue their winning run with a 2-0 victory over Mallorca.

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Vinicius opened the scoring in the first half when he fired the ball over Reina into the net from a tight angle on the left.

Ramos got the second after the break from a free-kick which he wonderfully curled over the wall and into the top-left corner. A spectacular sight.

One which leaves it's footprint on social media as fans speak of the versatility of Ramos as well as his importance to the Real Madrid team.

Madrid leapfrog Barcelona back onto the top of the table due to their better head-to-head record.

Is that fair to Barcelona?

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