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Business Opportunities Available For Young People With Little Or No Capital

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The aim of this article is to empower our young people on things to do in other to make money, rather than being involved in any social vices.

The following are my suggested opportunities available for young people who intends to do something useful with their time.

Painting/Art Work:

For young people who are good in painting/ Art, they can draw/ paint their work and showcased such, on the road side. Majority of rich people decorated their homes with beautiful work of arts. Try this and one day you might get lucky.


These are people who offload goods supplied to warehouse, shops, building projects e.t.c. You can make your ability known by visiting warehouses and dropping your contacts with them so that, whenever goods are supplied to them, they will call you to come and do your offloading job while they pay you in return. You can also meet some cement dealers, sachet water drivers and block industries to inform them of your service.

Grass cleaners/sweeper

There are young people who offers to help people clear grasses and even sweeps for payment. If You have not seen any, I have seen. I love this because it is better than an idle man.

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Sales Representatives

Many shops are out there looking for sales girls and sales boys to employ. You can grab the opportunity. These are simple jobs young people do to save money before school resumes.


You can be a mason or a service boy to a mason in any building project where such is needed. At least, in a day you will be paid for your Labour.

Phone Technician

If you have idea on how to repair andoid phones, you stand a chance of being self employed. Get your chair and small table, plea for a little space in a busy plaza or shopping complex where people can see you, print a little advert and you are good to start.

Cybercafe Attendant

I just remembered a hard-working cyber cafe attendant whose boss committed the business to his care and today, the boy has opened his own place in the same plaza with his boss. The man even went there to pray for him. He wanted to be a young footballers, it was difficult but he eventually went into this business. Young people who knows their way around the web can work in places like this where you can help people register exams online, apply for job online, print exam results e.t.c.


You can learn to barb. Even when you do not have money to rent a place, you can be a barber for other people who have shop and get paid for your service.

Graphic Designer:

Many young people has made themselves relevant in graphix designing. These designers are well paid in print shops where they are treated like hot cakes. You can also be part of this by learning how to design.

Photocopier Operators

There are young people whose jobs are just to operate photocopiers. They understand all the technicality of the machines and knows how to handle them. You can also make yourself relevant in this aspect.

Company Marketers

There are companies who hires young people to do marketing for them with a vehicle and musical instruments. These young people dances to music to attract on lookers while they advertise their products. It is also an opportunity for those of you who knows how to dance, to make money by dancing.

Don't waste away your entire life doing nothing other than pressing your android and enjoying all the music in the world. Get up and do something. The above listed opportunities are still available.

Don't keep this to yourself alone, share and send in your comments.

Thank you.

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