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Nigeria Political Parties Are Mere Vehicles To Contest Elections, It's Not Supposed To Be So

bolarinwaadetutu1986 06/25/2020

Nigeria political parties are mere vehicles to contest elections. It is not supposed to be so. Political parties ought to build ideologies in which anyone that agrees with such ideological leanings of the party becomes a member to help advance such core values of the party.

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However, what you have in Nigeria are mere gathering of greedy lots of present and past criminals without a single value. They are simply congregation of buccaneers who plot how to impoverish the people, albeit covertly. This is why you see them jump from one party to the other within a shortest space of time. How the political parties operate reflects the fact that Nigeria is not a country and should not exist in the first place. Nigeria is a British enterprise. No collective progress can come out of it. All what they do is only cosmetic grandstanding for a make-believe optimism at every four years. The mostly credulous masses hoping they did get it right every four election year is their masterstroke. This is the most sedative tacts they have employed to keep all of your minds eternally defeated.

What are your reactions to this as a Nigerians?

Kindly share your thoughts under comment section below.

Thank you.

Source: opera.com
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