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Sister Agnes. (A true life story)

Unachukwu 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Growing up, all I've always wanted was to be a Reverend sister.

I've always admired the blue and white uniforms they put on, and the way and manner they carry themselves.

I still remember the heavy laughter that filled the room, on our career day which was usually conducted every second term of any academic session. Every child was asked to dress like what they would like to become in future. 

As usual every child dressed like either a Lawyer, Doctor, Nurse, or Pilot. But I was the odd one out. I came dressed like a Reverend sister because I've always wanted to become one. I was laughed at, mocked, and ridiculed. 

It even earned me the name "Mary amaka."

Immediately after secondary school, I got enrolled into a seminary school. Where I was to be groomed on how to become a Reverend sister.

I was so happy, finally my dreams were about to come true. 

I arrived in an old rickety Taxi that I took from the car park. I saw a sign board that reads: "St James parish Enugu." The church was in a small town In Nsukka, the church was a very big one, with a lot of trees and flowers. It was indeed a nice place.

Mr Chukwudi the parish Priest introduced me to Mrs Agnes, an old looking lady probably in her 60's, light in complexion, and very voluminous, her back side was two times the back side of a Zebra. "She must be a Foodie" so I thought .She later introduced me to the other sisters in the parish. 

"You're welcome." She said with a very warm smile. Her pair of white teeths were like those we see on "Close up" commercials. She smiled at me and said; "I want you to know that you would never regret joining us here." She gave me a white hand book, and a Chaplet. According to her all I needed to know was inside the book.

Mrs Udorji who happens to be one of the parish Cleaners ushered me into an old looking room, filled with girls, with bunk beds like that of a school setting.

"Welcome dear." One of the girls said. Her name was Susan, she was the youngest sister and obviously the most social one.

She showed me my bed space, and helped me unpack my box.

Susan and I became very close, coupled with the fact that we where almost of the same age. We became sisters, we shared secrets. I knew almost everything about her, including the fact that her parents forced her into being a Reverend sister. According to her, she has always wanted to be a fashion designer.

One night while I was asleep i noticed a hand between my legs. Out of shock i woke up, and to my greatest surprise it was Susan.

Susan! I shouted. "Shhh don't wake the others up, and stop pretending like you didn't enjoy it, I saw the way you were smiling and groaning." She said.

 "Susan do you know the offence you just committed? I'm a woman for crying out loud, we are Reverend sisters and we are supposed to be women of great moral principles, and not this".

Susan replied; "Abeg shut up! while are you acting like a JJC? Aren't you supposed to be a Lagos girl, why then are you acting like a village moron? Every lady here does it, even your Almighty sister Agnes".

Sister what? "Sister Agnes you heard me right." Haven't you noticed the way she looks at you?

She treats you like a queen, and that's because she hasn't had her way with you. And when she does you would stop receiving all those special treatment and hospitality you get from her. Every girl in this room was once a victim and you would not be an exception".

Few weeks later, I was asked to summit a file to sister Agnes. On getting to the office, I was hearing a strange sound, and immediately I opened the door I found sister Agnes making out with one of the sisters. I was so terrified that I quickly dropped the file and left .

Hours later she sent for me. She said; 

"Nobody should hear what happened here, am I understood? ''Yes ma" I replied.

She further ordered me to come close which I did and she starting fondling my breast. 

"I've been waiting for the right time to have you, just like the others, but I was waiting for the perfect time. But I think that time is now."

"Now undress yourself." She said with a very stern look. I've never seen her speak in that manner. There was so much rage in her eyes, like that of a hungry Lion when it sets its eyes on a prey. "please ma, please have mercy on me, I beg you with everything you hold sacred" I pleaded.

She locked the doors, and undressed herself, her saggy boobs fell down like that of a mother with six children. She ordered me to touch them which I refused, she hit and pushed me so hard that I landed on the floor. I was bleeding profusely from my nostrils as a result of the hard push.

"Where do you think you're going to you slut? She said. I replied; "please don't hurt me ma, I would do as you wish".

I reached out for the pair of scissor which was beside her table and I stabbed her on the chest.

There was so much blood gushing out like an endless flowing river. I was so terrified, I quickly checked her pulse, and I found out she was dead.

I covered her body with a cloth, and hide her inside a shelf . I quickly rushed out to call Susan because she was the only one who could help me. I told her everything and she agreed to help me. The plan was to throw her body in a Canaal beside the Parish.

I heard little cash on me, so we bribed Mr Okolo the Parish security, and with his help we were able to take her out through the backyard without any suspicion.

A day later she was reported missing. And the police began their investigation. And every sister in the parish including those living around the parish were interrogated by the police men incharge of the case.

They ransacked her office, hoping to find any evidence that would aid them in apprehending the unknown killer. After which they found my Identification card inside her wardrobe, alongside a part of my torn clothes stained with blood.

After series of interrogation I had to confess to killing her. I told them I did it out of self defence. And every other sister testified to the fact that they were at some point in time molested by sister Agnes.

A call was made to the Bishop of the cathedral, he came to apologise for all the torture sister Agnes put us through. And we where all asked to go to the Hospital, for check ups and treatment.

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AbednegoEmmanuel · 06/27/2020
fake, opera news full of lying and deceit.
+234-803475**** · 06/26/2020
Holy Sin! a little of the million sins in Christian community
+238-527**** · 06/26/2020
city of lesbians
GUEST_K6oAbxB58 · 06/26/2020
Can this be true??If so woww

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