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How To Get A Glowing Face

mhiztaiceberg001 06/24/2020

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This days looking beautiful and handsome is a must. You need a beautiful face to turn heads. You may be born with natural good looks but as you grew up acne and pimples starts messing with your beautiful face. Whether you have tried and to no avail. I might have a natural remedy to eliminate that pimple and get a glowing face. Read below...


Honey is one of the best natural product that can give you a glowing face in a period of time. Just get an original honey. apply it on you face, leave for like 30 min to 1 hour then rinse off. You can extend time depending on the how serious your condition is. You can equally apply before bed time and wash off in the morning.

Aloe vera

This natural product does a great work when it comes to getting a glowing face. Just apply the gel and leave for 30 min or more then rinse off.

Egg mask

This does a great work on its own. Get a raw egg. Separate the white from the yoke. With a face brush apply the egg white on your face then cover with a tissue paper and continue applying on the tissues paper. Leave for 1 hour, then pull out using upward motion. Rinse off and apply mosteuriser

Exercise patience, result will show gradually

Stay safe

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