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Records Liverpool could still break. Number 2 will amaze you.

Qbanks 06/26/2020

Liverpool are premier league champions and here are some of the records the team could still break.

1. Most wins - 32 ( Manchester City)

Manchester City holds the record when pep Guardiola's team won the premier league back in 2018, it was a very dominating season for Manchester City winning all but 6 games. Liverpool are on course to breaking the record and even better it.

2. Most points - 100 ( Manchester City)

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Liverpool could drop 6 more points between now and the end of the season and still beat the incredible figure. Liverpool could move past 100 points against Arsenal.

3. Most home wins - ( Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City)

If Liverpool are to break the home win record, there is not space for mistakes. No team has ever won all home games in a season. There are only 3 games remaining for Liverpool to beat that record for the first time ever.

Liverpool remaining home games:

Aston Villa - July 8

Burnley - July 11

Chelsea - July 18

Liverpool has not lost a home game since 2017, they have won 46 games and drawn 10 across.

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