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Whiten your skin naturally

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One of the best nutrients for your skin, yogurt is very nutritious and provides a lot of benefits. For one, it has lactic acid which has been proven to brighten skin, and it also moisturizes really well, so your face will feel soft and smooth after the treatment.

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Lemons are naturally packed with Vitamin C and citric acid, they are made with organic bleaching agents that not only brighten your skin but also give it a healthy glow as well. Not only do lemons leave a refreshing scent on your skin, they also contain citric acid which is a well-known natural bleaching ingredient. Though, you should remember to apply a very rich moisturizer to your skin after the lemon treatment in order to avoid dryness. This doesn't suggest that you use a chemical based bleaching cream while using your lemon, it may hurt your skin! 

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This was made popular in Japan, having being found to deliver results with consistent use. It may not be the most effective or potent, but it will get you a lighter skin tone over time.

Mulberry extracts are known to help skin. They are widely used by many people all over the globe for purposes of skin lightening. The plant gives the desired skin tone as well as slows down ageing process considerably, though because it's results delay longer than what we sometimes want a lot persons just ignores the mulberry. 

It contains rich anti-oxidant properties hence making it extremely beneficial for preventing wrinkles formation. It also resolves all issues relating to uneven skin tone.

Eventually, someone who uses mulberry extract will have flawless, silky smooth skin for many years to come.

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Aloe Vera

In a recent post I made on aloe vera, someone called it the champion plant! It is one plant that should be generally appreciated.

This wonder-plant is not only gentle and soothing on the skin, but effective in reducing redness and skin discoloration as well. By rubbing the insides of the plant (the gel part) on your face, you will make your skin feel brighter, refreshed, and altogether lighter. What I personally love about this particular treatment is that I found in all my searching and testing of natural solutions to uneven skin, is how my skin reacted to it. Complaints about break out of rashes, itching and irritation are seriously reduced where this plant is involved. It not just evens out the skin but it also acts as a moisturizer, so after application all you necessarily do is rinse off, towel dry and that's it, no introduction of chemical whatsoever.



Yes! You probably didn't know this but you probably didn't also know that spinach vegetables is packed to the gills with amino acids and also makes a great choice for people who want to get their glutathione naturally. In fact, other green foods like avocados, asparagus, and broccoli have also been proven to contain a notable amount of glutathione as well.

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Like aloe vera, honey is both a bleaching aid and a moisturizer all at once. A lot of times, your skin feels uneven and patchy because it’s dry and rough. By incorporating honey into your routine, your skin will look lighter, more even, and feel softer at the same time. Just make sure you get the pure honey!

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Oranges have bleaching properties that can really lighten your skin, just like lemons. They also possess a vitamin C punch which acts as both sunscreen and lightener as well as make your skin feel more elastic and soft.

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