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Adams Oshiomhole's Toughest Political Battle And Challenges Ahead

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Adams Oshiomhole the former Governor of Edo state and the suspended National chairman of All progressives Congress (APC), is facing his toughest times in Nigerian politics.

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Oshiomhole, being a pillar of politics in Nigeria, has fought so many political battles, he won almost all of them. But the Battle of Edo state leadership, was the toughest Battle of his career, a battle that two lions fought, at the end both Lions lost their political relevance.

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The battle of Edo state leadership, that he fought with the incumbent government Mr Godwin obaseki , was the battle that pulled him down. During the battle, he made the incumbent Governor lost the ticket, to fly the flag of APC, in September 2020 governorship elections, while from his own end he was suspended, as the chairman of All progressives Congress in Nigeria. As it stands today Oshiomhole's political relevance has gone down, as he is no longer being recognised, as it used to be in the past.

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His political future continues to diminish, as President Buhari has promised to attend a meeting, that is being organised by the man, who has taken over Oshiomhole's office. This is how quick political power can go down. Just like somebody that has been overthrown out from office, his powers has been taken away, he is now seeking for Political survival, he is no longer ready to fight any politician.

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He is ready to discuss and negotiate with the former political heavyweights, , in order to ensure that you survive politically, because things are no longer the way it used to be in the past. Power they say intoxicates, now that the power is no more, surely he has realised that without power, he is just like an ordinary man. He has realised the need for him to survive and regain his powers politically.

With or without Oshiomhole politics will go on in Nigeria, now that the presidency is attending meetings at the detriment of Adams oshiomole's position , who has worked hard for him. This is the time for him to come back home and seek for Political survival, from where he started .

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