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Do you remember this sad event in 2014

Maymunah123 06/24/2020

In October 2014, fighters of the Boko Haram terror group on hilux vans sacked Mubi, the second largest town in Adamawa State; and one of the commercial hubs of the Northeast.

Mubi also hosts several institutions of higher learning,including the State University and the Federal Polytechnic..Madagali on the fringes of the Sambisa Forest and also Michika,both in Adamawa State were on firm grip of the terrorists since July of the same year; in their offensive that extended from Southern Borno.

Mubi was renamed Madinatul Islam (Islamic town)..Hong and Gombi would later fell in a blitzkrieg push that tore Nigerian military defences in to shreds ..Fighters wielding SMGs and RPGs were seen in villages between Gombi and Song pushing toward Yola the state capital some few kilometers away.

Meanwhile, thousands of people including deserting soldiers from Mubi and elsewhere were headed to Yola.. Panic had set-in as people flee the town itself to villages, neighboring states,and the Republic of Cameroon..

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Do you remember this?

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Nigeria01 · 07/4/2020
You just reminded me President J.
NurudeenSaed+23359331**** · 07/16/2020
good luck pass buhari
+234-0803741**** · 07/3/2020
wounds, as it is today, needs reopening, for an effective, long lasting or better, final treatment. Thanks for the reminder Opera.
GUEST_0ZP1j06jd · 06/30/2020
Opera News always like to open old wounds. It's disgusting.

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