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Man who returned 1.8 million found in Carton Of Indomie Got rewarded handsomely

Motivepress 06/26/2020

Man who returned 1.8 million found in Carton Of Indomie Got rewarded handsomely.

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Recall a Nigerian man named Chidiebere Ogbonna who returned the sum of 1.8 million Naira to the shop he bought indomie noodles.

As a good man he is, he bought cartoon of indomie thinking it was filled with packs of noodles with out knowing he actually bought 1.8 million Naira..(Lol).

Nigerians has called him all kind of names online. Some said he doesn't have sense that God blessed him with his own share of national cake but he failed to utilize the opportunity by making way with the money.

Anyway, the owner of the shop has decided to compensate him with 6 months free supply of indomie noodles till December.

Nigeria man get free supply of indomie for six months for returning 1.8 million found in the carton he bought.

He should have returned it to the company stead than the seller. The company will reward him better than the seller and this will enable the company investigate the finance department well. (Personal Opinion anyway)

What's your take ?

If it were you would you return it ?

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