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5 effective ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria

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As a student, making money can help you cover some expenses in school and at home. There are several ways to make money online and excel in your studies as well. There are many reasons you might want to start earning as a student it could be due to low allowance from parents or guardians it could also be as cover up for some expenses your parents or guardians can't fill in and sometimes constant demand for money can be odd hence you would want to earn in order not to demand. Whatever your reason maybe, earning as a student is not a bad idea.

Before I proceed, I would like to tell you that without proper time management, making money online as a student can end up becoming a costly act as it can badly affect your studies. You wouldn't want to see your mates graduating and leaving you behind so it is safer to find a way of balancing your hustle with your studies and of course your spiritual life. Below are the five effective ways to make money online as a student.

1.Freelancing:- a freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer or performer. The person works by the hour rather than working on regular salary basis. There are lots of platforms and individuals looking for freelancers online. Some of these platforms include people per hour, Upwork, Fiver only to mention but few. These platforms regulate transactions between service providers and buyers at a fixed percentage. If you are gifted in graphic design, proofreading, writing, etc, you can register with these platforms and start earning

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2.Tutoring:- there are several people out there looking for tutors. this involves teaching people or individuals skills or knowledge you have acquired. There are tutoring platforms like Tutors NG that allows you to create teaching materials through one on one tutorials or through webinars.

3.Affiliate marketing:- here, you earn commission through sales either monthly or otherwise. You don't need to have a product for sale or service to render but it is more lucrative if you have a blog where you can advertise a company link and whenever a sale is made, you get a commission.

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4.Stories and books selling:- another lucrative way to make money online is through the selling of stories and books online. Platforms like Okadabooks is a top leading stories and book selling platform in Nigeria as it carries out such functions. Of you are good at writing stories and books, they would publish your work and whenever it gets downloaded, you would get paid as well.

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5.Beta testing:- this is also known as app and website testing. There are online companies that are in need of people to test users experience on their websites and apps . By doing this, they get feedbacks and make necessary corrections before launching it for everyday users.

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In conclusion, this is a gradual process. You might be expecting instant results but sometimes, you might get disappointed as these takes time and patience. As a Nigerian student, it is better to use these genuine ways I have listed though it requires hard work, commitment and patience. However, they are sustainable and you can make money out of them. Please do well to comment and share with your loved ones.

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