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Top 4 Social Media Challenges That Made The Lockdown Bearable

Chinexy.faith 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In Nigeria, social media has taken the platform for meeting, talking and entertainment. Different social media platform such as Instagram WhatsApp twitter telegram and so on has enhanced the possibility of getting the latest gust and news without much stress.

However apps like likee, vskit and titok took social media to a different level with challenges on who did it the and sharing these challenges on the different social media platform especially Instagram.

Here are top 4 challenges during this lockdown that made waves.

4. #FlipTheSwitchChallenge

This challenge started with the Americans and most of the abroad countries before Nigerians decided to join the challenge. In this challenge two or more people are mirror recording themselves then someone flipped the switched off and on but these people have automatically changed into the outfit of themselves

3. #BopDaddyChallenge

This challenge was inspired by falz bop daddy song which he released and started this challenge. Here one dresses like a star and automatically changes to another total look and style.

2. #Don'tRushChallenge

This challenge started when the song Don't rush was released by. This challenge is about one being so natural without no spectacular dressing or makeup or outfit then automatically changes to a gorgeous stylish person going to an event.

1. #Don'tLeaveMeChallenge

Don't leave me challenge is a uniques handwork of the think about it comedy skit himself josh2funny. He started this with his think about it and opened the floor for everybody to join him in his new challenge of don't leave me. For example I have the time and I threw it in the air it gives me what ‘Airtime'.

I love this don't leave me challenge, let's see your point of view in the comment box and also like and share.

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