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Style Or Stupidity : See The Picture Of A Girl Posted On Facebook That Got People Talking Online

Clinton201 06/26/2020

Facebook is a social media platform that has made communication and interaction easy and accessible. Facebook has brought laughter, sadness, money and information to many of us, so it has been of help to many.

We all love snapping pictures especially when we have a good camera and uploading in any social media platform of our choice and Facebook happens to be one of them. Here is a picture I saw on Facebook That had so many reactions. See pics below

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Funny isn't it, yea. What triggers me the most is why she dropped her bag on the floor and pointed at it 😂😂😂. I don't know where she got this snapping skills from maybe from the 10th century. This picture got so many reactions on facebook, below are a few reactions

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Yea, they started mentioning names of the girls boyfriend, so those where the reactions.

My questions is, Is This Style or Stupidity?. Kindly comment your answer below. Thanks

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Top Comments
JulietObianuju · 06/28/2020
this girl is very foolish what type of thing is that
DouglasKambiti · 06/26/2020
mind your business if you have any
GUEST_BnVx2V20A · 06/26/2020
no problem
FlonieChing'oma · 06/26/2020
non of the above

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