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Photos And Video Of A Female Carpenter Who Sells Her Furniture On Instagram

CNN_Naija 06/24/2020

A lady is currently trending on Instagram after she uploaded a video of her marketing her furniture work. The Instagram socialite has since received tremendous follow after she uploaded the videos showing herself I'm a joyful mood as she markets her handwork.

The lady who is likely from the eastern part of Nigeria due to her name, is known as Adzigbi Nana Comfort Ama Esime. She has since set Instagram agog with her trending and viral videos which she uploads as she markets her wood work (by this the author means furniture).

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It is reported that the crafts woman makes furniture of all kinds as a source of living. The lady in turn models or markets them for all to see. The beautiful lady dances playfully as she wraps or clean her furniture which she is putting up for sale.

Surely as expected, the video is welcome by a host of follower which seems to be ever increasing. This her mode of marketing has since brought such a large crowd of followers and reach for her thus providing customers and a marketing space on the popular social media platform.

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The furniture maker is not always looking flashy and glamouring especially when she is at work. Despite most of her picture showing her in a very fashioned way, when she is on the job, she gets in her work clothes and set to do what she knows how to do best.

In one of the photos she shared, she was wearing a camo short and a singlet top sitting on a stool while she works.

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Trust me when I tell you that she is not one to be easily intimidated. Despite her involvement in a trade mostly dominated by men, I can boldly tell you she is carving out a niche for herself in the furniture industry, and she is using the biggest of chisels to do that.

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