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Use This Common Plant To Flush Out Headache From Your System

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Everyone gets headache, no matter a person's age, gender or lifestyle. A headache is explained as having a pain in any portion of the head.

This condition often affect one side of the head or both, lasting for minutes, hours or days.

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And in order to stop this condition, i bring to you a nature-based medicine with maximum efficiency for treating headache and with no side effects.



Botanically called Newbouldia larvis and belong to the family of Bignoniaceae.

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Seem tree is variously called in Nigeria as Aduruku in Hausa language, Akoko I Yoruba language and Ogirisi in Igbo language.


1. Collect a fresh bark of Seem tree, wash and put in a clean bowl.

2. Fill a medium sized pot with water and allow to boil for 20-minutes.

3. Add that already washed bark of Seem plant to the boiling water and cook for two hours.


The preparation is used to wash the head and face every morning and night.

And also, half glass of this preparation should be twice daily for six (6) days.

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in the usage column after washing of head what is half glass of the preparation be done
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thank u very much

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