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Reasons why she abandoned you

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You loved her and she said the same. You did everything you could to tell her how you felt about her. Things were fine, so you thought. But she left you no matter what. Why did that happen?

Did you feel abandoned by your lover and then had an affair? You cast a curse and began to hate the woman in question. But did you first consider why she left you to another guy?

In this article, I list three reasons why she abandoned you for the next man. After reading this, you should have ideal knowledge of how to handle your next relationship and avoid broken hearts.

#1. Do you have money?

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Don't ignore this question. I think you should now know that money drives the world.

Building relationships based on what matters is not right, but you have to face the reality. Without money, most women won't settle for you. At least a stable source of income.

Yes, sometimes life can hit you hard and things can get rough. If your woman really loves you, she should be with you and see you through it. But there is only a small amount left. So, if you don't find a way out of that break, I'm afraid you might lose her.

There are many gold miners out there. A woman who comes after you for your money. If you unfortunately have such a thing like her, you need to keep her delighted by not running out of resources.

#2. Do you take charge?

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Recently, Korean famous actor Lee Min Ho has become popular on Twitter. Later I realized that many Nigerian women have great aspirations for this celebrity. In short, many women value him more than their boyfriend. why?

I asked some women, and in the manner he displayed in his movie, I found a woman digging Lee Min Ho, due to a somewhat offensive and overconfident character. The truth is, women dig men with similar functions.

Are you the kind of person who tries to get your woman in charge? Perhaps you think these things will make her feel better. You are so wrong

Statistically speaking, women prefer more dominant men. It doesn't mean you should control her, but don't do it. What I mean is that you should control your relationship as a human being. Take command!

Yes, she may be with you if you keep her in control of the relationship and keep making decisions. But then you will see her run to a man who shows her that he is more man. Sometimes you can let her do her way, balancing more often, but always in charge.

#3. You stopped caring!

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Lee Min Ho didn't say he could also be the sweetest person in his film. What about you? Do you treat women with love and love, or just your boss?

By the way, at the previous point, the advice was to take charge of her, not to control her. Do not rule her because humans hate being ruled. Control the relationship.

Did you ever stop being such a caring and romantic guy when you were courting her? Do not take her for granted as much as she is your woman.

Women are attracting attention. That is, they will not love you the moment you lose your attention to her. Just because men don't seek attention doesn't mean women don't. They do, and they need a lot of it.

Show her love, spoil, and spoil. Tell them what you want to hear. It allows them to feel at ease with you. It's like the rent you pay to ensure the accommodation of her mind.

As you know, many things can end a relationship. Even the sweetest romance may end. And it only needs someone with the proper knowledge of how to handle situations, relationships.

What do you think on the above points?

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