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The Implication of Buhari's Recognition of Giadom As APC Acting National Chairman.

BarcaTV 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It is no more news that the President of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari, has backed the appointment of Victor Giadom as the Acting National Chairman of APC. Many media outlet, of which The Punch is one, have reported.

It begged for a serious answer how the president would back a man who is neither in line of succession to the Chairman of the party to become the Acting National Chairman of APC through the back door.

It should be recalled that a master stroke was dropped today when the President's Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity revealed in a tweet that the president has decided to align with Giadom because he has strong legal appeal to act as the National Chairman, but many observers believed that what the president did was a sort of political blunder that would rather spell doom for the party, especially as far as Edo governorship election is concerned.

Giadom was never a party to the whole processes that produced the APC candidate in Edo. His emergence now implies he would have to start a whole process of selection afresh. How then is this possible within the shortest possible time the party is left with.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In other words, the implication of what the president has done today is that APC has just less than 62 hours to sell expression of interest form, screened aspirants and conduct a valid primaries; failure which the party will lose the opportunity of fielding any candidate in the forth coming governorship election in Edo state.

It now remain to be seen how the ruling party will sort itself out to meet up with the INEC deadline.

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Top Comments
EmmanuelOdeyemi_03 · 06/24/2020
Buhari is a greatest error in the history of Nigerian politics
byceemaritime · 06/25/2020
The north has started to navigate towards 2023 already. The appeal court verdict upholding oshionmole's suspension was all a master stroke to weaken Tinubu's cabal. My pain is the fact that the north used oshionmole's people to undo him. His boy, obaseki,his ward chairman, and even the national minister of transport Amechi.This is exactly what Amaechi did for apc in 2015 and they successful dislodged Jonathan. It's a pity that southerners are desperately selfish to the point of selling their brother for a pot of porridge .By September we shall see how obaseki will win edo.When he looses his eyes will clear. By 2021 most of the present apc leaders from the south will begin to face all sorts of corruption charges which will keep them silent until buhari hands over govt to another northerner. I weep for the south. I hope all nationalities from the south can unite. But it's too late. We can never work together and that's exactly what the north want.
Mortalconcept · 06/25/2020
APC has always being a conglomeration of charlatans.A hurriedly assembled groups of confused, clueless elements so desperate for leadership.We can see how far they can go.....
Mortalconcept · 06/25/2020
All these wailers in this platform.

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