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Never Throw Away Pure Water Sachet Anymore, Check out how You Can Make Lots Of Money From It

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In Nigeria we consume natural water in large quantities each day. In fact, natural water commercial enterprise is considered as one of the maximum beneficial businesses in Nigeria today, because of the high patronage.

But the query is, what do you do with the natural water sachet after drinking it? You throw it away, don't you?

That is precisely what people do. But do you know that you can make millions of naira from the pure water sachets you throw away everyday?

I know you might be wondering how this is possible. But relax and continue, because that is what this article is all about.

This line of commercial enterprise is very beneficial, but not all humans understand it. The reason is due to the fact that those who are doing it are so secretive about it, that they don't like giving out much statistics about it.

They don't need more people to come into the commercial enterprise, and supply them with competition.

Oftentimes, you see humans in slums collecting natural water sachets, and you might be thinking what they do with them. Let me shock you, the ones who collect pure water sachets are silent millionaires, who don't make noise about the cash they are making within the business.

So after this article, you must make sure never to throw away natural water sachets, because you constantly throw away money.

You can do the business full-time if you don't have any job at the moment, and you may also do it as a side hustle in case you have already got a job. Either way, you'll nonetheless be making your money from it. And you can grow your earnings to millions of naira, all from waste of natural water sachets.

These natural water sachets are recycled into numerous other products like - baggage, slippers, plastics, shoes, etc.

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So even in case you don't have the cash to shop for the machines to start the recycling enterprise yourself, you may additionally acquire the sachets and sell them to agencies who use them. And they're usually in high demand.


In this business, you should understand that there are standards, due to the fact every enterprise has its own standards.

You don't just acquire the pure water sachets and sell them to the buyers. There are normal ways in which they accumulate those nylons from the sellers.

It could be very simple. After collecting the natural water sachets, you need to wash and dry them out inside the sun. After that, you package them in baggage and take to the buyers.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

If you you don't do it this way, they'll not buy them from you, and you may have no choice but to reduce the price.


Now that I have brought you to how rewarding this business is, I understand a lot of you might want to go into the business.

Another issue you want to solve is that, you should not depend simply on the sachets of the natural water you drink, as that can slow down your income. You need to search for these pure water sachets in different locations.

There are so many locations you could get them, and some of those places are churches, schools, restaurants, hotels, other compounds, celebration venues, natural water factories, etc.

You can make arrangements with event centers, in order that anytime people have occasions in the one of those centers, you can acquire the natural water sachets they may throw away.

You can additionally hire a collector to be gathering those natural water sachets for you, and you pay them a token for his or her services. You can engage children in your location to do that, and believe me, they will even see it as fun, specially when they are getting a token in return.


The companies that make use of the sachets buy them in kilograms and ton. They position it in a scale and weigh them, and pay you the fixed fee for it.

1kg of pure water sachets is bought inside the variety of N35 to N200. And a ton of it is sold between the amount of N20,000 to N30,000. So if you collect up to a hundred tons, you may already be talking approximately about thousands and thousands of naira here.

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BabatundeSamuelAdetunji_01 · 06/28/2020
Thanks so much, this a very lucrative business

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