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Scatter The Camp of The Enemies After Your Sound Health Tonight With This Powerful Prayers Points

Dr.HenryAliko 06/29/2020

Tonight never you allow your enemies to have rest, of course we know that devil and his agents never allow children of God to rest for even a day. Their mission is to always fight tooth and nail to pull down children of God, but our confidence is that God never fail us.

Many at times we Christians fail to understand that we have an enemy, and this enemy have a mission according to the book of John 10 vs 10 which says that the thief cometh to steal, to kill and to destroy. As you are now there are many people that are not happy that you have sound health that is the more reason why we must be prayerful.

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The midnight is a time of express communication with divinity, both devil's use the midnight to make dangerous sacrifices so Tonight before you retire to bed, no matter how tired you may be please endeavor to pray this prayers

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Prayer points

1. Every power attacking my sound health, by the authority in the spoken word of God I scatter your activities over my life and family.

2. Let God arise, and let the camp of the enemies troubling my sound health be scatter in the name of Jesus Christ

3. From Today, I disconnect myself from every Satanic connection in the name of Jesus

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