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The Best method of Preparing a Coconut Rice (Recipe)

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You need to know the best way of preparing a coconut rice that will serve you and you family.

I will highlight step by step on how you get your delicious coconut rice done. You will glad to know.

Here are the steps to follow:

Get all your necessary items, rice, coconut, onions, pepper, crayfish, Maggi , Fish , meat etc. (No need for oil.)

1. Break your coconut, don't waste the water inside, its very useful. Grind the coconut seed.

Put it in a bowel and pour in some hot water for some minutes like 5mins.

2. Per boil your rice as well, wash it.

3. Pour your rice to the pot again... Filter the coconut water into the rice and put it on fire....

4. Put all the ingredients , put more crayfish (preferably pounded one ) and onions. Slice the onions round...yeah to look nice. Also enough fresh pepper. Put 3-4 cubes of Maggi.

5. Taste it... And know the level of salt to put. Putting of salt should be after you might have put all other ingredients.

6. Slice some vegetables into it when about to dry.

7. Now your rice might have soft to the taste you need. And the water is dried too. You off the fire..and put the pot down.

8. Time to eat, dish your sweet coconut rice , put fish... Don't eat alone, invite families and friend. Don't forget to invite "ME"

Thank you!

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