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How My Friend Lured Me Into Cultism During Lockdown, Now They Are Threatening My Life (Fiction)

Dhesthiny1 06/26/2020

How My Friend Lured Me Into Cultism, Now I Want To Leave But They Are Threatening My Life (Fiction)

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The lockdown was more of a curse than a blessing to me because of what i have just gotten myself into. I have a very good friend in my area, who we do hang out together anytime i come back from school for holidays. When the lockdown was declared, i came home from school and as usual, i spent most of my time with him. On one faithful day, he told me to escort him to a place not too far from where we lived. I agreed to follow me, unknown to me that he had an evil agenda.

When we got to the place, my spirit want settled, so i wanted to leave so bad that he had to beg me to wait for five more minutes. Before the five minutes elapsed, that was when the worst happened. About five boys came out from the room, all looking rough and dangerous. At this point, i became a little bit scared. They said to my friend "is this the boy?", then he said yes. Before i could say anything, i met myself on the floor. At this point, i became confused. After some hours of beating, they said i was now part of them and i must not tell anybody or else they will kill me. When we were going home, my friend was begging my that they threatened to kill him if he doesn't bring someone, that was why he brought me. They have threatened to kill me if i tell my parents or the police.

I don't know what to do, please advice me.

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