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Premier League Team of the Season that got Football Fans talking

Tohnah 06/29/2020

As the Premier League 2019/2020 season approaches it's end. Liverpool were confirmed Champion for this Season and a lot of Reaction has been generated. The Focus of Football Fans is now on who is going to be the Top Scorer and Premier League Team of the Season. Well People are already making that suggestions on how they wish it will be.

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And this has generated a lot of Reactions from Football Fans all across the Globe. What's your view on this? Do you agree with this or you wish to make a substitution. Drop your view in the comment Box. These are the Reactions so far

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Well My opinion is that the Liverpool Players that should be there include: Van Dijk Alexander Arnold Salah and Mane. And Maigure should be replaced. He hasn't played like all other Defenders in the League and I can well say the person who made this was bias

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Top Comments
+234-907993**** · 06/30/2020
I will replace Grealish for Pulisic.
GUEST_l6gOMye0z · 07/2/2020
dis ur own team of the season not premier league
ibrahimabubakar_02 · 07/1/2020
dis selection no balance
AbdullahiZSuleiman · 06/30/2020
One thing about selecting a team of premise, you can't concentrate only on winning team but individual sophistication. We have lot of performing players who gave satisfactory account of themselves in the campaign, unfortunately, their teams couldn't make it top four, so their names are omitted from the list, Son of Tottenham, Jemmy Verdy of Leicester, Anthony Martial of Man United, Aibagmayeng of Arsenal. A lot of them have done exceptionally well in their position.

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