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Don't Overlook Banana Leaves, See The Amazing Health Benefits

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Every one of us knows that banana is an elongated edible fruit in the family Musaceae. We enjoy consuming this fruit because of its sweetness and numerous health benefits.

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We use to overlook banana leaves as if it is not essential neglecting that everything that God created is important in one way or the other.

In this post, I will tell you the health benefits of banana leaves which you may not know.

1. It helps to fight dandruff (chop and grind the banana leaf when the water are extracted smeared it all on your head, allow to absorb for few minutes then rinse with clean water)

2. It helps to beautify the skin and make it smoother.

3. It can be applied to the face to kill germs and overcome skin irritations.

4. It contains antioxidants.

5. It can be used to treat fever (put the crushed banana leaves mixed with coconut oil on several parts of the body of the person suffering from fever)

6. The aromatic scent of banana can help to increase appetite.

7. It can be used as a neutralizing poisoning agent against insect venom.

8. It can be used as skin inflammation drugs.

9. It can be used to treat cuts and open injuries.

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+234-813572**** · 07/15/2020
Writer, you have not told us how to use the banana leaves. Whether to boil the leaves or fry them.

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