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See Sites That Pays You For Doing Small Tasks

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There are many sites in the internet that claim to pay you when you sign up to their forums. Some of the sites that I have seen and passed through have been able to pay me for the registration I passed through and for being with them in hard times. Here are the list of sites you can earn from when u register. Remember sites that you don’t use you money to register with will be a wait of time for you. Here are their list with some explanation about them

1. Loaded penvibes(LPV): Welcome to LPVFORUM INCOME PROGRAM, Africa's mega emerging online platform and Nigeria's most celebrated forum that pays members without referrals, operating from Minna, North-Central Nigeria. LPVFORUM is a formidable platform that have been in operation since March 2019 and boast of an impressive cashout of over 200 Million naira for two earning categories (Activity and Referral). We deliver legimate services and allow you earn while you surf our website, learning, keeping yourself informed and entertained as well. LPVFORUM is owned and operated by LOADEDPENVIBES GROUP, chaired by a Nigerian entrepreneur, Mr. Adeoti Abayomi. With a membership base of over 135,000 and still counting, we are proud of our inique policies and services as Nigeria's airspace is awash with testimonies of our unigueness and trustworthiness. We welcome you to sign up on our website and earn money conveniently and legitmately. This, you can achieve through sharing of our daily sponsored posts and campaign adverts, reading and commenting on posts, daily login and most interestingly, affiliate marketing.

2. Activities That Pays(ATPAYS):                                                                                                                            1. ATPAYS AFFILIATE EARNINGS (AAE)

As an affiliate earner you earn 67.5% on each referrals you introduce to the platform..This means for every new person you refer you get #1000(AAE Earnings) instatntly..If you can introduce up to 7 people a week then youve earned yourself #7000(AAE Earnings) in just that weeek of which you can cashout

2..REGISTRATION BONUS: The moment you register you earn 1000(AAP points) points 

3. DAILY VISITS: You earn 100(AAP points) when you login to your account daily.

4. View / Reading post: You earn from 3(AAP points) on each latest post you read.

5. POSTING NEWS/ JOKES: You earn 100(AAP) for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that get approved on the website.                          6...SELLING CODES FOR THE PLATFORM: once you're a verified distributor any code you sell for the website attracts a certain percentage of gain that's massive enough for you....distributors gain nothing less than 100k monthly from sales of codes....check the buy coupon page to see how you can become a vendor 

7...SPONSORED POSTS: We assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline daily, you earn 200(AAP points) daily on assigned post you share as recommended

8..WEEKLY QUIZ AND GIVEAWAYS: games and quiz questions are posted on the websites or on the facebook group and winners gets to get cash prizes or recharge cards instantly as the case may be.

9…REFERRAL CONTESTS : This is usually brought about once a month….During the contest, the winners will be awarded cash prices

10. MARKET PLACE: Its a mini mart where all users can place adverts of things they wish to sell with their activity points and users various people can contact them and purchase their items

11…BRINGING ADVERTS TO US: You can tell others about our cheap rates of placing adverts on atpays and when they are interested in placing adverts youll get up to 50% of the amount charged for reffering us

3. Giftal world: GIFTALWORLD is the reputed website that lets you make money online. We are delivering legitimate services and keep you entertained always. We open up new avenues where you can earn money in a comfortable way. We have no strict norms for using our online platform. With a range of niche, we bring you the latest piece of information that always allures you. We let you earn money by reading news online. We welcome you to sign up on our website and earn money without any inconvenience. In fact, we keep your interest always on top and that’s why we are always standing on our toes to deliver you interesting content. You can also share our daily sponsored posts and campaign adverts to make money online. No matter how desperate you are to make money online, we bring you oodles of changes to keep your pocket warm. Keep reading and sharing the posts to make money online.

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