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Grind Alligator Pepper With Kola Nut And Soak In 7Up, Drink 2 Times Daily To Treat These Diseases

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Bitter kola and alligator pepper are two powerful herbal drugs. When this two are combined together, they form a very powerful herbal mixture.

The preparation of this mixture is very easy to execute, all you have to do is to follow the instructions in the headline.


Soak 2 seeds of bitter kola and add a little quantity alligator pepper in 7up drink or sprite drink or bitter lemon. Allow it to soak for a day.


Drink it in the morning and in the night for about 1 week.

After completing your dose for 1 week, you will see positive results.

The major purpose of this mixture is to do a total cleansing of the kidney, liver and stomach. It will eliminate all worms and dangerous toxins from your body.

This herbal mixture is very powerful and it works effectively.

It cures stomach pain and diarrhea - Take two spoons of the mixture for effective result.

It is effective in controlling blood pressure.

It also treats Diabetes

If by any chance you have stomach pain, you are advised to chew 1 seed of bitter kola and the pain will be totally gone.

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+234-0802683**** · 06/25/2020
Thnkz, it is effective
JoyceChomy · 06/27/2020
please is it bitter kola
+234-806666**** · 06/25/2020
Is it bitter kola or kola nut please we need correction
AderemiBaruwa · 10/10/2020
pls , what is the dose for hbp, is it with cup or spoon

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