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A man beats and injures his niece in Onitsha for not fetching water

Xino1234 06/25/2020

This young girl, Chioma Ogbu, was found at Onitsha street (3-3 area), fetching water with bruises and a swollen face at night. 

Neighbors were concerned and they called her to ask what happened to her, to satisfy their curiosity. The poor girl was unable to speak as she had lost her voice from crying. The neighbors had no choice but to report the matter to local Police Station 3-3.

Her dad, Enugu Ezike 's Mr. Hillary Apeh, who she stays with, has been summoned to ask precisely what she did that led to the attack. He told the police that he had returned from the market, and there was no water for him to bathe at home. 

The first daughter of this man is older than this innocent child, but he was unable to express his indignation at his own daughter for failing to fetch water.

His wife was invited and interviewed, too. The girl told police how she's been mistreated by her dad. When her uncle's kids go to school, she remains at home.

She sleeps in the kitchen while the children of her uncle sleep on their bunk. His wife Nkiru, whom she calls Aunty, hungers her for a small provocation, often going hungry for a whole day. 

The girl revealed that she never wanted to be a house help, but her uncle promised to send her to school, a promise she never fulfilled, to her poor mother who is his sister.

The man involved is now in police custody. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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