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Grind Bitter Leaf And Bitter Kola Mix With Milk, To Cure This Infection And improve Wellbeing Of The Body

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Today is a great day, remember health is wealth, bringing you good tips on health is my major priority. 

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In today's article I will be talking about how to grind bitter leaf and bitter mix with milk to cure some health issues. 

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1: Get some fresh bitter leaf and bitter kola. 

2: peel off the back of the bitter kola and cut the bitter kola and bitter leaf into smaller pieces so it can fit to grind 

3: Grind them very well, after grinding pour them in a neat cup or container. 

4: Add little milk and water. 

  Drink twice daily morning and evening 

Effect of the above mixture.

1: It can cure cancer.

2: It is a good remedy for constipation.

3: It cures and prevent dysentery.

4: It prevent malaria.

5: It is good for diabetic patient.

6: It is a remedy for osteoarthritis. 

7: It helps combat STDs 

8: It improves the function of the lungs

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ok u will try it
AdebayoTajudeen_08 · 09/6/2020
thanks and God bless you
SulaimanModinatOmotundeAgboluaje · 09/4/2020
Thanks for this health talk.Please,can we prepare the one to drink in the morning and night together?

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