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10 critical factors responsible for violence in marriages

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I can't get my mind off this virile story of the Nigerian man that killed his wife and himself, because a DNA test revealed that one of the kids isn't his. But why?

This is a reflection of a far worse menace in our society. A lot of mental health issues are being treated as spiritual. Why is murder the only option for expressing anger and frustration? I know someone who caught his wife more than five times sleeping with another man and still, he didn't kill anyone.

This man butchered the wife like a ram and then killed himself, leaving the two kids as orphans. Why can't you divorce her if you can't take it? This is really sickening. Our youths are becoming so reckless and violent.

There are people who end up training other people's children, but they don't end up killing their spouses. No matter the situation,killing her like a ram and taking your own life is an action too costly to be taken.

Here are the 10 critical factors responsible for violence in marriages.

1. Complete departure from gospel messages and teachings that promote Christlike character development

2. Inherited violent behavior from parents

3. Actual mental health issues being excused for spiritual attacks (e.g bipolar, schizophrenia, depression etc)

4. Poverty anf frustration

5. Actual demonic manipulations

6. Unbroken and unprepared people going into marriages

7. Poor societal value systems (i.e you must get married at certain age, otherwise, you are scorned)

8. Pastoral manipulation 

9. Selfish marital expectations (i.e going into marriage to solve your own problems)

10. Lack of sincerity and honesty

11. Forced relationships just to satisfy parental expectation (i.e parents forcing their children to marry certain persons)

Research has shown that, children raised in homes where parents are violent will certainly in most cases, become violent against their own spouses when they later marry.

This is why couples must avoid any form of violence. In fact, if me and wife have to engage in any discussion that may lead to argument on any issue, I make sure the kids are not there. They will certainly pick up the spirits of their parents. It's a scientific research finding. 

Source: opera.com
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