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Top 3 Reasons Men Cheat on Their Partners

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You've probably heard the saying by now that All Men Cheat. Sometimes, it's not true and most times it is. People go about saying this phrase without giving any reasons as to why men cheat. While it's not okay to cheat on someone, here are the top three reasons why men cheat on their partners.

1. He doesn't respect the relationship

Well, if he did in the first place, he wouldn't be cheating but he doesn't so here we are. If a guy respects a relationship he's in, he wouldn't cheat on his partner. He would talk to you about it if he'd done it though and ask for forgiveness or call things off. But honest guys like that are rare so if you catch your man cheating, dump his ass.

2. He doesn't love you enough

If you love someone, hurting them would be the last thing on your mind, unless of course there are devastating circumstances. If your man lobes you enough, he wouldn't think of crossing that line. 

3. You're not good in bed

Unfortunately, this is a really common factor. Men and sex are like dogs and meat . Sometimes, the problem is not you, sometimes it could be the sex generally. If you're not good enough in bed for him, he'd get bored and go look for someone else. On the other hand, he may get bored with you, not the sex and go look for someone else. I think this shouldn't be a reason to still cheat. Men, If you feel bored with the sex, why not talk about it with your partner? Spice things up?

Men, if you're in a relationship and you're not happy or not satisfied, why not break up with your partner instead of cheating on them. It would hurt them less.

What are your thoughts?

Men, is this true?

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