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Fiction: "I Cannot Marry a Man Who Cannot Lick My Feet"- Juliet

Somagatonia 06/24/2020

I'm Juliet and I'm an alpha female. Therefore, I like to be in charge of everything even my relationship life. I like to boss everyone around including my significant other and them obeying my every order is a proof that they truly do love me.

I just turned 29 years old and although I'm very rich, beautiful and successful, it's hard to find anyone who would love me enough to obey my every order. I like to date men younger than I am because they are easier to control but part of the things that scare my men off is when I tell them to lick my feet. Yes, I like men who can lick my feet and I don't even mean that figuratively as I literally like them to lick my feet as that's just a little way to prove their love for me. Isn't it? I cannot marry any man that can't lick my feet and I badly want to marry before I turn 30.

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What would you advise Juliet to do?

Note: The above story is fictitious. Hence, the photo used is for the purpose of illustration.

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